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Use Your Tongue to Feel if You Brushed Enough

Posted on 2/29/2020 by Jeannie Molato, DDS
Use Your Tongue to Feel if You Brushed EnoughSometimes it can be hard to tell if we have brushed enough and have a truly clean and sparkling mouth. After all, it is not as though one lackluster performance at the bathroom sink is enough to bring on discoloration or visible cavities. And it is impossible to smell your own breath.

No matter how many times you exhale into the palm of your hand over your mouth, you are still just smelling your hand. So, what is a good way to tell if you have brushed properly, or if you might need a few more strokes? Well, we suggest something very simple; just use your tongue.

Is the Surface Smooth or Rough?

The first trick is to take the tip of your tongue and run it across your teeth to gauge how the surface of them feels. If they have been properly brushed, they should feel smooth and silky. If, on the other hand, they are rough or feel as though there is a thin film or layer of something on them, that most likely means that you need another turn on the toothbrush.

Scrape and Sniff
A secondary method of checking the effectiveness of your last brushing is a way to actually check your breath in a manner that works. Take your fingernail and scrape from the back of your tongue. Then smell it to see whether it is without odor or if it smells foul. Bacteria tend to cling to the tongue quite a bit, so if your tongue is properly brushed, and your tooth surfaces are smooth, you are good to go!

To speak with someone further about proper oral care techniques, we welcome you to get in contact with our office either by phone or in person. We are always glad to assist our friends with their dental needs.
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