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How to Respond If You Feel Your Teeth Shifting

Posted on 5/11/2020 by Jeannie Molato, DDS
How to Respond If You Feel Your Teeth ShiftingSometimes changes are good and sometimes changes can be rather un-nerving. If you can tell that your teeth are shifting or they have shifted, you need to contact our office immediately. While a gradual shift is fine when you are undergoing orthodontic care, it is not so good when you don't' wear braces.

What Causes Teeth to Shift?

Your teeth can shift for one of various reasons. If you have periodontal disease, they may loosen and shift. Or, if a filling falls out, it may affect your teeth's alignment, which causes them to readjust themselves. In some instances, a missing tooth will cause your teeth to shift and rearrange themselves to accommodate the additional space.

What Can I Do?

We will need to assess your shifting problem in relation to its cause. If the shifting is caused because of a gap, we will need to fill that gap. This can be done with an implant and restoration, or by adding a restoration, such as a bridge. Every patient is different. Therefore, we will discuss the best options for you. If you notice any type of shifting or misalignment, don't delay in calling our office. We can address the problem before it becomes worse. Even if your teeth have shifted, we can help you manage the issue. However, you need to act fast to ensure good results.

Have you noticed any tooth shifting? Maybe you want to close a gap in your smile or you need to address a problem with bleeding gums. Whatever your dental concern, we can help you enjoy a better smile and improved oral health. Make a change for the better by calling our office today. When you make it a commitment to brush and floss daily and visit our office regularly, that is one change that will improve your life and is good for you both dentally and medically.
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