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Puffy and Warm Gums Signify You Need to Come In for a Checkup

Posted on 9/7/2020 by Jeannie Molato, DDS
Puffy and Warm Gums Signify You Need to Come In for a CheckupNormal, healthy gums are firm and pink and have a neutral temperature, meaning they should not feel any different than the rest of your mouth. If your gums feel puffy or warm, you will need to come in for a checkup at our office. These symptoms can indicate infection or an issue with any implants, braces, or other pieces of dental equipment. Contact us to schedule an appointment.


The most common cause of swollen and warm gums is infection. Infection can come from many different sources, though conditions we see often are gingivitis and periodontitis. These can come from poor oral hygiene as well as tobacco usage, reactions to medication, and others. In order to treat this, we would need to examine your gums to determine the exact nature of the infection. Though treatment plans may differ, this will likely include a procedure to clean out the infected area as well as prescription anti-biotics and pain medication. Our dentist may also recommend at home treatments, like short term cold compresses, as well. Left untreated, the symptoms of infection will become much more difficult to manage and the infection could also lead to tooth loss as well.

Irritation from Dental Equipment

If the gums are not infected, another common cause we see is irritation from dental equipment. This includes dental implants, crowns, bridges, braces, night guards, and much more. Anything in your mouth that is not the natural tooth has the potential to irritate the gums, so you need to be careful and monitor for any symptoms. Your gums could also be inflamed from improper brushing techniques as well.

We would need to examine this equipment to ensure it is properly fitted and not worn down or damaged, which can cause it to aggravate the gums. Contact us to schedule a consult now.

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