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Dangers of Dry Mouth

Posted on 1/25/2021 by Jeannie Molato, DDS
Dangers of Dry MouthWe might not realize it, but our mouth is always producing saliva to keep it moist. Only when it stops doing so and our mouth turns dry that we realize the importance of that saliva. Either way, you can probably just drink some water, and everything will be okay, right? Not at all. Dry mouth can be a dangerous dental condition.

Here's why you shouldn't take it too lightly.

Cracked Lips

A dry mouth can cause your lips to dry out as well. This not only makes your lips appear unsightly but can make them quite uncomfortable or painful too. You might have trouble talking as well.

Bad Breath

A dry mouth is a good breeding ground for germs and when they start accumulating on your tongue and other places in the mouth, it leads to a bad odor in the mouth.

Can Lead to Dental Problems

More importantly, a dry mouth can lead to a whole range of dental problems. The saliva actually helps maintain a healthy environment in your mouth by not allowing any germs to grow. Without the saliva, the germs can easily spread around the mouth, causing gum diseases, building up plaque, causing tooth decay and various other problems. It can lead to mouth infections and even make it hard to wear dentures.

Difficulty in Digesting Food

The saliva in our mouth also helps with our digestion process as it moistens and breaks down the food in our mouth, making it easy to digest later on. However, with a dry mouth, it's hard to properly chew and break down food, leading to problems with digestion.

Symptom of Underlying Condition

Another reason why dry mouth is so dangerous and should not be ignored is that it is often a side effect of other, more serious diseases. Treating dry mouth can help diagnose other underlying conditions quickly as well.

Therefore, if you ever notice a consistent dryness in your mouth, get in touch with Dr. Justin E. Stout DMD and Dr. Stout at Simi Hills Dental to get your mouth checked immediately.
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