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COVID-19 Office Updates
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We have set forth guidelines that surpass CDC recommendations to insure sterility and cleanliness. We ask that you wear a mask upon arrival, and keep to the social distancing protocols. Please bear with us as we take these measures for your safety and ours.

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Dr. Justin E. Stout DMD has created this informative blog to help educate the community.

Latest Posts:

Is Parsley Actually Good For Your Oral Health?

Posted on 11/16/2020 by Jeannie Molato, DDS
You may have come across sprigs of parsley while eating out at a restaurant. But your first impression of this nutritious vegetable might have been different from what you are about to find out. For you, parsley is just some form of diet that acts as a garnish. While that is true, this type of...

Types of Damage to Expect If You Grind Your Teeth

Posted on 11/9/2020 by Jeannie Molato, DDS
Grinding the teeth occasionally, while not good, will not lead to the damage that results when you habitually grind your teeth. Most people don't know they grind their teeth because they do so at night while they are sleeping. If you notice any wear of your tooth's enamel or experience...

What Types of Issues Come from Poorly Aligned Bites?

Posted on 10/19/2020 by Jeannie Molato, DDS
Poorly aligned bites are known to cause a number of issues, from speech impediments to migraines. It is in a patient's best interest to seek treatment for a poorly aligned bite in order to relieve symptoms. While symptoms can be mild, and only resulting in headaches, some misaligned bites can...
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