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Dental Filling

Rendering of teeth with 3 filling materialsDid you know that 92 percent of American adults aged between 20 to 64 have dental caries? The number increases to 96 percent by the time Americans turn 65.

Dental fillings are used to repair teeth that have become cracked due to injury or decayed due to dental caries. We at Simi Hills Dental will remove the decayed area of your tooth and then fill it with a material that will cover and protect your tooth from further harm.

Types of Dental Fillings

Dental fillings are available in several materials, including silver amalgam, gold, composite resin, and porcelain. A material called glass ionomer is also used in some cases and works in similar ways to the composite resin.
•  Amalgam fillings are the most common type of fillings that are used to restore molars and premolars in adult teeth. The filling material is an alloy of silver, zinc, mercury, tin, and copper, is extremely durable, and can last for 15 years.
•  Gold fillings are the strongest and most long-lasting type of filling, but they are also very expensive. These fillings also work well with molars and premolars, and in some cases, can last for over 40 years.
•  Composite resin fillings are made from acrylic resin and glass and are a popular choice for front teeth restorations as they match the color of your teeth and are very cost-effective. However, this is the weakest type of filling and can only last from three to 10 years. It is also prone to crack with pressure, therefore, it is recommended that it be placed in teeth which exert low pressure, like incisors.
•  Porcelain fillings are premade and need to be bonded to the tooth with a composite material. Though stronger than composite resin, these fillings may chip off if the composite material binding them to the tooth wears off. However, this material provides the most natural-looking fillings and is a popular choice for front teeth restorations.

Temporary Fillings

Temporary fillings are often used following a root canal treatment or when a filling requires more than one visit, for example, placement of gold onlays.

Temporary fillings are made of weak substance are not meant to last. Typically, they wear off on their own within a month. Make sure you contact Dr. Stout to have a temporary filling replaced with a permanent one, otherwise, your tooth may become infected.

Common Problems After Having a Cavity Filled

Here are a few problems that some people complain of after getting a filling:
•  Tooth Sensitivity: This is a fairly common issue and patients complain about tooth pain when consuming hot or cold food immediately after getting a filling. This condition may be due to an irritated nerve and will resolve itself within a couple of weeks. If the pain continues, contact us.
•  Allergies: Filling material is hypoallergenic so this issue arises very rarely. Less than 10 cases have been reported of patients complaining of allergies from silver amalgam fillings, including rashes and itching. This can be resolved by using another restorative material.
•  Failing Fillings: Your fillings may wear down or chip away quickly, especially if you do not watch what you eat. You may not be able to detect this but we can see this during a dental checkup appointment.
•  Incorrect Occlusion: Your filling should be level with the other teeth in your mouth. If it is too tall, it can cause extra pressure and pain during chewing.
•  Pulpitis: Pulpitis is inflammation of the tooth pulp. It doesn't happen due to minor fillings but may occur due to tooth trauma, an undetected fracture that reaches deep into the pulp layer, or if the tooth has undergone multiple fillings. This condition may be resolved through a root canal procedure.

To make sure your fillings last a long time, you should brush, floss, and rinse your teeth with an antibacterial mouthwash regularly. Also, avoid eating extra-sticky or hard food as it can damage restorations. With proper care, your filling will last you several years.

To fix a cavity, call us at (805) 306-0200 today.
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