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Dentistry for Kids
Simi Valley, CA

Child practicing oral hygiene with family in Simi Valley, CA.Dentistry for kids involves taking care of the oral health of children from the time when their first baby teeth start to emerge until their teenage years.

At 6 months old, babies begin to start having their first primary teeth. By age 6, they start to lose their baby teeth which are replaced by permanent adult teeth. Without proper oral hygiene, your children's teeth may become susceptible to oral decay and disease and can result in long-term complications.

At Simi Hills Dental, Dr. Stout has the qualifications and experience to care for your child's teeth and gums.

Treatments Involved in Dentistry for Kids

At Simi Hills Dental, we offer a wide range of comprehensive dental treatment options for kids. These include:
•  Oral health examination of infants to reduce the risk of dental caries in baby and mother.
•  Preventive care including dental cleaning and fluoride treatment.
•  Special education regarding diet and nutrition.
•  Dental care for trauma, including tooth fracture, displacement, or knocked-out teeth.
•  Counseling for thumb and finger sucking and use of pacifiers.
•  Early evaluation and treatment for straightening teeth and fixing the bite.
•  Correcting tooth cavities and other dental defects.
•  Space management after untimely loss of baby tooth/teeth.
•  Diagnosis of oral conditions for diseases like diabetes, asthma, ADHD, and heart defects.
•  Periodontal disease management and other soft tissue issues like mouth ulcers, mucoceles, and thick and short frenulae.
•  Education on relaxation techniques.

What You Can Expect During an Appointment for Kids

There are several factors which determine the frequency of your child's dental exams, including age, risk factors, and health.

Ages 6 Months to 1 Year

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry strongly recommends scheduling your child's first dental visit after their first baby tooth erupts. We may place your child on a dental table or an examination chair or will let you hold your child in your lap as we perform the exam. We will:
•  Assess your child's oral hygiene, dietary habits, and risk of dental caries.
•  Remove any stains on your child's teeth with the help of a rough cloth or a soft-bristled toothbrush.
•  Check if your child's fluoride consumption is sufficient and prescribe fluoride supplements and pastes when necessary.
•  Show you how to properly clean your child's teeth.
•  Look for sores inside your child's mouth.
•  Evaluate the impact of thumb-sucking or pacifier use.

Toddlers, School-age Children, and Adolescents

Children should generally have regular dental checkups every six months. However, we may recommend fewer or more visits depending on your child's oral health. During the appointment, we will:
•  Clean your child's teeth.
•  Take digital x-rays when necessary.
•  Apply a sealant to permanent molars and premolars to prevent decay.
•  Restore cavities and tooth defects.
•  Look for problems in your child's bite.
•  Counsel your child on thumb-sucking, fingernail biting and teeth clenching.
•  Recommend treatment options to straighten your child's teeth.
•  Give counseling on consuming sugary drinks.
•  Recommend wearing mouthguards during sports.

As your child grows older, we will also provide them counseling on the harms of smoking, chewing tobacco, drug abuse, and consuming alcohol. We will also educate them on eating disorders and oral piercings.

We may also discuss the possible extraction of a wisdom tooth when your child reaches their late teenage years.

To learn more, give us a call at (805) 306-0200, or use our secure online appointment request form to get started with your consultation.
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Dentistry For Kids | Simi Hills Dental - Simi Valley, CA
At Simi Hills Dental, Dr. Stout has qualifications and experience to care for your child's teeth and gums. Click to learn more about Dentistry For Kids.
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